Pretty By Hand

$9.95 USD

PDF Only - Garden Path Slim Case

Image of PDF Only - Garden Path Slim Case

Finished Sizes: 4” x 9”

It’s always fun to come up with a new take on an old favourite. My first quilt was a Grandmother’s Flower Garden EPP design and I’ve pieced … countless hexagons together over my quilt career. But it’s so easy to default to the traditional concentric rings. They’re beautiful, and they will always appeal to my sentimental heart.

For this project, however, I wanted to design something featuring 1/2 in. hexagons in a non-traditional pattern. I thought an upright pencil case lent itself nicely to an attractive, vertical arrangement. It’s simple, easy, and not your typical Grandmother’s Flower Garden variety. I really like how the hexagons still feel very classic, while their orientation is more modern. And finally, the embroiderer in me needed to add just one more detail with a few knots to make the case extra pretty. You can skip that part, but I couldn’t ;)